Aquatics (Cold Water & Tropical)

Our fish room is located at our main outlet within Fermoy’s Garden Centre. This room holds over 100 coldwater and tropical aquariums.

Tropical Fish
Our aquariums stock various Tetras, Barbs, Gourami, Livebears, Sharks, Pleco, Corydoras, and Angelfish. We also keep the more unusual species such as Blue Lobsters and Shrimps! We always keep a good range of aquatic plants in stock (bunched, potted and on bogwood).

Coldwater Fish
We stock various Goldfish, Fantails, Ranchu, Lionheads, Minnow, Butterfly fancies and coldwater loaches in our coldwater aquariums.

Pond Fish
We carry a quality range of pond fish from Goldfish, Shubunkins, Canary Yellow goldfish to Blue and Golden Orfe, Koi, Tench and Rudd. These fish are only available between March and September (subject to water temperatures). Please call the store for more information.

Aquariums in stock
Whether you are looking for a large or small aquarium or just something for the kids, we have a great selection of tanks at competitive prices including Hagen and Aqua One.

Our knowledgeable staff are happy to offer advice on setting up and maintaining your aquarium and will be happy to test your water should you have any problems.

We stock a comprehensive range of equipment you may require from filters, air pumps, heaters, decoration, lighting, foods and cleaning equipment.